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"Thank you. The I5-equipped AA Series units work great. Just wanted to say that I am grateful for the awesome customer support I have received from UltraVolt."
-Peter Bumbarger, USA

"I am a principle engineer involved in product development at a medical company located in Colorado. Several years ago I was charged with a project to update the design of one of our systems. I was fortunate to discover Ultravolt, and to learn that you offered a CE marked DC to DC converter that was exactly what we needed. Our contacts at Ultravolt have been outstanding, and the ongoing support and assistance is world class. Your module was extremely easy to apply to our design and has performed flawlessly in our application."
-Ken Chalfant, USA

"Recently I was checking out your web site to get some information… and did so very efficiently due in no small part to the excellent layout of your web site. One feature which I found especially useful is the Download Data Packet option. I can’t tell you how many web sites I go to every day to gather information on a given product and need to go through multiple steps to do so. Thanks to you and all that are responsible to do this and make it easier for me and I am sure for others as well."
- Peter deHollan, USA

"I can speak about a … purchase from UltraVolt… This [module] is being in constant use for about three years without a glitch. The stability and the security it provides… are excellent."
– Cyro Ketzer Saul, Brazil

"Glad to see companies with long-term employees to provide continuity to customers."
- Eli Bar-Hai, USA

"[We] really championed the UltraVolt product because of your technical expertise, consummate follow up, and your ability to reach over the phone lines and immediately create a rapport and comfort level not seen lately in any Application Engineering and or Customer Support role!"
- Daniel McCormick and Gerald Munson, USA

"We recently purchased a high voltage supply from your company and I was so impressed with the kindness, support, and overall customer service that I wanted to thank you for running your company this way. …The CEO and myself have agreed that we will always bring our power supply needs to UltraVolt because of the support we have received. It is so rare in this day and age for a company and its employees to act this way. I am very impressed."
- Jim Barrett, USA