High Voltage Power Supply - UltraVolt®

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Multi-Output High Voltage Modules

0 to 62V through 0 to 35kV
0 to ±125V through 0 to ±6kV
Up to 250W of Power
Dual Output, Triple Output, and Bipolar

Dual Output

Dual Output AUX Series
Provides a Second Positive or Negative HV Output
Encapsulated within an A Series or C Series

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Triple Output

Triple Output AUX Series
Adds Focus and Grid Outputs
Encapsulated within 10A-35A Series

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Bipolar High Power C Series
0 to ±125V through 0 to ±6kV
0 to 125 Watts & 250 Watts

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FLHV Series
Bipolar high voltage power supplies with precision floating output
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