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Extra-small Microsize, Micropower HVPS

XS Series

Extra-small High Voltage Biasing Supply

The XS Series of extra-small high-voltage power supplies is the smallest regulated DC-DC high-voltage power supply for applications that require a bias voltage ranging from 0 to 100V. At only 0.08in³ (1.3cc), these modules are ideal for use in size-critical applications.

Typical applications for the XS Series include bias supplies, thin-film, avalanche photo diodes (APD), ultrasonic, silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) and multi-pixel photon counter (MPPC).

· Output from 0 to 100V
· 100 milliwatts of output power
· Tight line/load regulation
· Output current limit protection
· 5 Volts DC Input

· Extra-small and lightweight
· PCB flat mounting
· Temperature coefficient < 50ppm/°C
· Low ripple (<50mV peak to peak)
· Low noise due to metal shielding

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