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High Voltage High Power Capacitor-Charging Supply

High Power C Series

High Voltage High Power Capacitor-Charging Supply

This High Power line of high-voltage regulated DC to DC converters is an extension of the C Series, directly addressing the high power density needs of >30 watt applications. High Power C units provide up to 60/125/250 watts. This high power density is especially suited to high-energy systems with large capacitances, fast repetition rates, or high continuous-DC-power requirements. See Application Note 10 for more charging information.

Typical applications for the High Power C Series include the following: laser, cap-charging, pulsed power, pulse generator, and test equipment.

The High Power C Series is also available with enhanced interface options. Download the –I5/-I10 Options data sheet to find out more information about these options. Download –I5/-I10 Options Data Sheet

Which UltraVolt power supply should I choose?


· 7 models from 0 to 125 Volts through 0 to 6kV
· 60, 125, or 250 watts of output power
· Maximum Iout capability down to 0 Volts
· Maximum Iout during charge/rise time
· Output short-circuit protection
· Very fast rise with very low overshoot
· High efficiency

· High power to voltage density
· Very low profile
· Output current & voltage monitors
· >200,000 hour MTBF @65°C
· Fixed-frequency, low-stored-energy design
· UL/cUL Recognized Component; CE Mark (LVD & RoHS)

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