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Power Supply Manufacturer Warranty

UltraVolt understands working in high voltage with new applications and new staff is sometimes unpredictable and can lead to damaged hardware. To support our customers’ efforts, UltraVolt established a policy noting if a customer manages to cause one of our units to fail, UltraVolt will repair/replace the first unit accidentally damaged at no charge. This is just another way UltraVolt is "Making High Voltage Easier!"®

UltraVolt, Inc. Warranty

Warranty: The Seller warrants all goods supplied hereunder will conform to any sample approved by the parties and will be the kind described herein or in any specification, performance requirement, or drawing approved by the Seller, and will be of merchantable quality and free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and prescribed maintenance for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment. To the extent the Buyer does not furnish the Seller with written specifications, the goods will be manufactured in accordance with the standards recommended by the IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries. This warranty shall not apply to any goods delivered hereunder that have been damaged or subjected to alteration nor shall it apply to negligible treatment after delivery or to any defects attributed to artwork or drawings furnished by the Buyer. Also, unless specifically stated, the warranty does not extend to the electrical performance of any assemblies or subassemblies to which the goods furnished hereunder are affixed, but restricted to the electrical continuity properties of such goods.

The Seller’s only obligation for breach of this warranty shall be the repair or replacement, without charge, of any goods or parts thereof that within such one (1) year period is proven to the Seller’s satisfaction to have been defective, provided (1) the Buyer shall have notified the Seller of the defect within such one (1) year period and (2) the Seller shall have the option of requiring the return of the defective material or goods at the Buyer’s expense to establish the claim provided; however, the Seller will bear any transportation costs incurred in repairing or replacing any goods that are shown to be defective during the warranty period. The cost of any repairs made by the Seller to goods no longer covered by this warranty shall be borne by the Buyer. The Buyer must contact the UltraVolt Customer Service Department prior to the return of any material(s) to obtain an RMA number which will be used to track the material. Material found to be out of warranty will be repaired or replaced at the Seller’s discretion based on quantity (please contact the Customer Service Department for more information). The Seller shall in no event be liable for the Buyer's manufacturing costs, lost profits, good will, or any other special, consequential, incidental, or other damages resulting from a breach of the foregoing warranty. There are no other warranties expressed or implied (including the warranty of merchantability) that extend beyond the warranty set forth herein or that extend beyond the description of the goods contained herein.

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