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High Voltage Systems Integration

Are you having problems developing the high voltage to meet your need?

Are you trying to find a replacement for an obsolete high voltage supply?

Are you having problems finding the right high voltage supply for your specific application?

While UltraVolt's line of standard power supplies work in most new designs, your application may require some changes to the standard supply to achieve optimal results. Or you may be attempting to replace an existing power supply with an UltraVolt module. Either way, you can count on UltraVolt system integration to meet your needs.

UltraVolt has successfully partnered with over 200 companies to provide a lower cost solution for their needs in a variety of industries, from military to semiconductor to analytical chemistry. These customers were able to achieve their project goals, saving them valuable time and resources. Some examples of high-voltage solutions UltraVolt was able to provide include:
Form-Fit-Function replacement military HV power supply Applications specific Mil HVPS
Form-Fit-Function replacement aerospace HV power supply Applications specific Aerospace HVPS
Form-Fit-Function replacement industrial HV power supply Applications specific industrial HVPS
Electrostatic charging bar end user HV power source HV pulsed power subsystem
Precision electron beam HV subsystem Ion beam HV subsystem

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Systems Integration Systems Integration
Systems Integration Systems Integration