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Applications and Solutions for High Voltage Power Supplies

UltraVolt's line of off-the-shelf high voltage power supplies is extremely flexible, and has been designed to fit into a wide variety of designs and applications. This area of the web site is dedicated to application-specific case studies, common questions and answers, and other real-world examples of UltraVolt product implementation. We'll be posting a lot more information here, so be sure to check back in the coming weeks.

Typical Applications
External Resources

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about integrating UltraVolt products into your application.

UltraVolt-based 5kV Capacitor Discharge Unit Movie
The team over at Advanced Control Engineering, Inc. sent us a sample video from their labs, showing a recent test of their CDU product line and its effect on an unsuspecting cameraman.

Download it here. (2.6MB AVI)
Standard vs Custom HVPS Why choose an UltraVolt standard high voltage power supply?
Get the High Voltage Power Supply that meets your needs within 10 business days and with no NRE

Download it here.
Selecting an UltraVolt Power Supply Which UltraVolt power supply should I choose?
Find out more about the A and C Series Power Supplies

Download it here.

"All Charged Up" article about selecting a benchtop power supply from OE magazine (Nov. 2004).
Download the PDF here